Highway MM

* This was a narrow, winding 2-lane road with no shoulders and a steep drop off in many places when the group was formed.  Much progress has been made in improving the highway since then thanks to the efforts of the group with great support from MoDOT..


* In 2006, the worst one mile section near the Sycamore Springs subdivision was vastly improved.


The 2005 Federal transportation bill included approximately $15M for improvements.Conrad Smith worked with Congressman Russ Carnahan to get money for Highway MM improvements out of this bill.  This would not have happened if Conrad didn’t have the support of the Task Force behind him.  The highway has seen a major makeover since then.  The road has been straightened, turn lanes have been added as well as shoulders.  It is far safer.  The improvements from this funding still continues.  The intersection of Dulin Creek Road and MM is currently being redesigned to make it much safer.  The bid letting for construction is scheduled for Spring 2014 with the work to be completed by late 2014 or early 2015.  The improvements will include a connector road between Dulin Creek Road and Highway 30 going just east of Faith Community Church and opposite Wild Cherry Lane.