Highway W

* This continues to be a narrow, winding road with minimal shoulders.  Some improvements have been made and more are underway.  Shoulders will be constructed the length of the road, where possible, from the Meramec River bridge to Byrnesville Road.  The curve at LaFarge will be improved and turn lanes will be added at Twin Rivers Road, Winnifred Road in Hoene Springs and Byrnesvill Road.  The contract for this work has been awarded with the work to be done by mid-2014 in the first phase of the contract.  A second contract will follow that one that will make further improvements that were requested by the Task Force.   

The Schumacher Road crossover at Highway 30 was closed and reconnected to Highway 30 at High Ridge Blvd by way of the High Ridge Commons project.  A group of our members got very upset about this extremely dangerous crossover at which three people were killed within a 10 month period.  They set up pickets at the intersection and picketed for six weeks until the Jefferson County Commission closed the crossover.  THF promised to make the connection at that time.  There was a long delay but the connection was made and this area became much safer.