Future Plans

Realistically, with the huge deficits being run by the government we can no longer plan on major improvements in the near term but we must keep fighting.  With this in mind, we are using the Shoulders for Safety (SOS) group strategy as our blueprint.  Essentially, they were able to get priority with MoDOT by getting the St. Charles County government and the supplier/contractor community to provide donated materials and labor.  We plan to do the same thing.


(1) Short range goal is to support the One Curve at a Time Group that is working to improve Highway FF.  This road connects to Highway W and is also very dangerous.  We plan to help them in any way we can.  Their effort can be seen at www.OneCurveAtATime.org


(2) Short-to-Medium range goal is to further improve Highway W.  We will push to get these done with MoDOT safety money in pieces to the degree possible.  Nominal priorities are as follows:


  • straighten the curve at Hoene Springs,
  • improve the 109/W/FF intersection.  This intersection often suffers major backups.  One improvement candidate is to use a Roundabout.