Highway W/MM Task Force

We're about making our roads and highways safer and improving traffic flow in the Highway W/MM corridor.  This corridor is the only east-west corridor across Jefferson County MO.  The averave dialy traffic count peaks at about 20,000 cars per day at the intersection of MM and Highway 30.  The combination of the heavy traffic and dangerous road makes this highway especially dangerous.  Our long term goal is to get an expressway across the county in this area. We planned to do this incrementally.

Please sign the One Curve At A Time Petition for Highway FF here!  Thank you!!

Upcoming Events:

  4/26/2014 Ground Breaking at Kaela's Curve
  5/30/2014 Pacific Kickball Signup Deadline
  6/7/2014 KMA Pacific Adult Kickball Tourney
  6/8/2014 KMA Pacific Family Kickball Tourney
  8/15/2014 Eureka Kickball Signup Deadline
  8/23/2014 KMA Eureka Adult Kickball Tourney
  8/24/2014 KMA Eureka Family Kickball Tourney